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CAP cares about the moral and spiritual welfare of its members. CAP chaplains are ordained clergy appointed and endorsed by their respective denominations as CAP chaplains. All support the pluralistic ministry of the CAP Chaplain Corps.

CAP fields the largest volunteer chaplaincy in the world, numbering close to 900 chaplains and character development instructors. The Chaplain Corps is committed to: the free exercise of religion for all CAP members; promoting spiritual care, moral leadership, and character development; responding as trained crisis responders to community and military contingencies such as disasters, aircraft accidents, or acts of terrorism. The CAP Chaplain Corps regularly supports active duty, reserve and Guard components as a volunteer component of the USAF Chaplain Corps. 
Standards for appointment as a CAP chaplain are high as one must meet the same educational, ecclesiastical and professional standards as active duty and reserve chaplains.

A photo of our previous squadron chaplain, Capt Bret Lortie, is on the right.  The photo was taken in a helicopter hangar during the wedding of a local pilot and his bride.

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