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Emergency Services


Aircrew Training

Aircrew training begins after the member has completed General Emergency Services (GES) training and has completed Level I.  After the prerequisites are met, the member progresses through the aircrew qualifications below.

To complete a qualifications:

  1. Go to Ops Quals in eServices and print out the relevant SQTR.
  2. Download the relevant materials (powerpoint slides, reference text, and task guide).
  3. View the Powerpoint slide presentations.
  4. For each of the SQTR tasks, review the relevant pages in the task guide and be prepared to answer the questions for that task.
  5. When you are ready, contact the ES training officer and arrange for a testing session with an evaluator.
  6. Tasks requiring a trainee to demonstrate a skill are accomplished at a SAREX or by arranging a flight with a unit SET evaluator.

Mission Aircrew School

Scanner Training

Observer Training

Mission Pilot Training